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Where we are today:

Every year, Papillon Ribbon & Bow publishes two Fashion Gallery catalogues, which feature the trendiest styles and colours of rosettes and bows of the season, developed in France, in the scene of the fashion industry. Aubade Paris and Victoria Secret are just one of our many honourable clients that we have been in partnership over the years.


Our ribbon and bows suit your undergarments, bras, corsets, and garters perfectly, for any type of occasion. Our products are personalized to your Valentine’s Day, Christmas Holiday and other festive occasions. We assure you that our productions are regulated under strict quality controls to meet your specific needs. We are certified under Oeko-Tex, thus our products do not contain any harmful substances. As our offices are in three continents, we are able to centralize all productions, provide punctual logistics management, and drop-shipment anywhere in the world.

How we can meet your needs:

  • Wholesale ribbon, bows, and rosettes
  • Personalized ribbons, bows and rosettes
  • Branded lingerie collapsible gift boxes
  • Elastic ribbon

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