Food Packaging

Candies. Chocolates. Gourmet Foods

Where we are today:

Our knowledge and expertise about the Food packaging industry in terms pricing, colour and package design trends are competitive. As our largest client base is derived from the Gourmet Food, Chocolate and Candy business, our expertise within these industries has expanded exponentially over the years. We offer you solutions to coordinate your in-store merchandising products and visual displays to enhance your customer's experience.


Papillon Ribbon & Bow offers exactly what you need to attract your market’s attention. Our beautiful selection of stock ribbon, pre-tied bows, twist tie bows, cords, tassels, elastic loops, pouches, and Ceco collapsible boxes that are all customizable to your branding needs to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

How we can meet your needs:

  • Wholesale ribbon
  • Personalized ribbon printing and icon designs
  • Pre-tied bows
  • Personalized gourmet gift boxes and gift baskets

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