Gift Basket Supplies

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Where we are today:

The Basket industry continues to be the gift giving trend across the world. At Papillon Ribbon & Bow, we understand the ribbon types and quality needed for your baskets to have that flare to attract your target market to your pre-made baskets, wine baskets, chocolate baskets, fruit baskets, baby shower baskets and Christmas gift baskets.


Our wide range of customizable bows for your gift baskets from our wholesale ribbon selections vary from: grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, greetings ribbon, wired edge ribbon, and chiffon ribbon. Of which we have a range of customizable pre-tied bows: Opposite Bow, Double Bow, Pinwheel Bow, Eight-Point Star Bow with Nose, and Floral Bow with Ten-Loop with Nose and two-tail bow.

How we can meet your needs:

  • Personalized Pre-tied bows
  • Twist tie bows
  • Wholesale ribbon: grosgrain, satin, etc.
  • Wired Edge ribbon
  • Elastic loops and cords

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