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NEW! Wine box - EZA1112

We supply patented Ceco Wine Boxes withing our Ceco Box collapsible box line. The four different types of wine boxes we offer are: One bottle, Two bottle, and Three bottle wine boxes made from corrugated cardboard. We supply a few different colors for different types of Wine Boxes, such as: red, white, and gold. EZA 1112 is our “Two bottle” wine box, which folds and stores flat because it is made with 1 piece of construction material. And it comes with an insert to secure and position the two bottles in the box. It is available in two colors - all white and all black. This two bottle Wine Box is great as an upscale gift wine box that is perfect for any gift occasion, or even for your everyday use.

Pattern Number
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13-1/2" X 7" X 3-1/2"

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